We provide a 24/7/365 service for every marine, offshore, and land operations. We are a full-service provider, including handling of owners’ goods, shipping, airfreight and related marine services, that can meet the demands of both multi-national organizations as well as small local businesses.

We take pride in making it easy for our customer to receive their supplies, wherever they are needed, efficiently and at the best possible price.

With a deep knowledge in maritime global procurement and local purchasing as Procurement Analyst and Facilities Team Leader during 13 years at the world’s largest containers shipping and an experienced team and partners understanding of the diversified needs of our customers, from specific technical solutions that need to be implemented, as well as differing cultural nuances in that industry, NAMM PROCUREMENT currently focuses in that industry making seafarers life as better inland as at sea.

Our operations and partnerships with local suppliers span the world’s sea lanes and are founded on meeting the current demands of all ship owners and operators and the offshore market.

« Making seafarers life as better in land as at sea »

Mrs Adja Maimouna Mbacke NDIAYE SY