Services offered at Namm procurement

Namm procurement is your one-stop resource for all of your stores and provisions. Everything from a specific brand of coffee to a vital ball bearing for the machine room. We serve vessels offshore and in port, whether it is at berth, anchorages or off-port limits.

Meet & Greet

A multi-lingual concierge staff serving the needs of our most discerning guests.


We ensure a local staff specialized in catering and hotel services on offshores and land.

Marine Operations

Based on our experience, we provide various assistance procedures

Warehousing and Distribution – WND

Our strategic warehousing locations combined with best class in class design tools, processes and systems ensure cost-efficient sea and land distribution solutions.

Value-Added Services

Forget the time-consuming back-and-forth, the unnecessary phone calls and emails.
We manage all types of ship repairs and offer 24/7/365 service.